The new way to
capture the heart


Would you like to add
a touch of mystery to your gift?


Want to get your employees
and staff excited?


Looking for a different
way to present your gift?


The new way
to capture the heart


An interactive, customized puzzle card that is attached to your gift.

The Card

The card allows you to build a
custom puzzle tailored specifically
to the gift recipient

The Personalization

The challenge is based on
personal data provided by you
about the recipient

The Quest

The card sends the recipients on
a challenging journey, and only in
the end will they receive the
message you uploaded for them
and know who sent them the gift

The Mystery

Top secret, the recipients of the
gift doesn't know who sent them
the gift until they solve the

How It Works













A short and simple questionnaire to provide us with some details about the recipient of the gift, like pet or children names, wedding anniversary, etc. The puzzle will then be built specifically according to the details you enter, personally tailored for the recipient.



Now is our awesome bot's turn to work hard. Using the details you provided, our bot prepares an interesting and challenging puzzle that is personally customized to the recipient, according to the level of difficulty of your choice – easy, medium, or hard.


Smart puzzle

When receiving the gift, the recipient scans a QR code or types their unique identification number and begins their special challenge, interesting and fun, which is built on the details you provided.


Message unlocked

Your recipient cracks the code.
Your message is unlocked and finally
revealed. Warm and fuzzy feeling to
capture the heart…


Mission accomplished

Hugs and Kisses
You thought, you prepared
You sow and you will reap.

Want to add a
bit of mystery
to your gift?

Reactions from our recipients


Why use


Our personalized cards are:


Your own personal message is locked with a challenge specific to the recipient.

Companies, organizations and businesses



Team leader? HR manager in a big company?

Want to excite your employees or customers
and surprise them with
an incredible challenge based on them?


WHOSENT.ME Cards with puzzles tailored
to your company, suitable for customer
retention, personal invitation to an event,
or even a personal message to your

Want to tailor the cards specifically
for your company and staff?



Attach a gift card or digital
file for immediate use


  • We have some helpful options for the solver
  • Hints: each slide of the riddle also contains a hint slide that can be viewed by the recipient
  • The recipient can choose to get the answer at any given time with a simple click on the “Show me the answer” button
  • After 4 false attempts in a row, a pop-up appears with a suggestion to view the answer
  • When creating the personalized card, you can choose the difficulty level of the puzzle (easy, medium, hard) and the topic (birthday, invitation, etc.).
  • Easy: simple puzzles, should take up to 10 minutes to solve
  • Medium: harder puzzles for determined and strong-minded people
  • Hard: a full-fledged Quest, should only be built for people would definitely enjoy such things even if it takes a long time or multiple failures along the way
  • Bear in mind that the unfamiliar settings combined with the will to learn who sent the gift as quickly as possible could make the puzzle seem harder than it really is, so choose the difficulty level wisely
  • Through a common friend
  • Leave it outside their door
  • Send it anonymously by messenger  to their workplace or residence
  • Adults, ages 16 and up
  • All puzzles require the recipient’s name
  • Different puzzles require different information – when you choose the puzzle, the required details will be presented to you
  • Examples of such information details can be the recipient’s gender, their kids’ names, car plate number, or similar pieces of information
  • Once you create the puzzle it is available for 30 days, then it is deleted along with all the data you provided
  • The card can be activated for 2 years since it was printed
  • When in doubt, email us for assistance
  • Go to the link written on the card, enter the Card ID and the code as written on the card
  • Register as a puzzle builder and log in
  • Choose a puzzle
  • Provide the needed data for building the puzzle
  • Victory page media: upload your image or choose an image from our gallery and add text, or provide a link to a YouTube video
  • Confirm: view a dashboard of the data associated with the puzzle, confirm and finalize the challenge
  • Once the puzzle is finalized, entering the Card ID and Code on the site will launch the challenge
  • You can upload an image in PNG or JPG format, up to 2MB in size
  • You can choose a picture from our gallery and add some text to it
  • You can provide a link to a video on YouTube or Vimeo – just copy the video URL to the appropriate textbox
  • You can use WHOSENT.ME cards to send personal messages to employees – on birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion.
  • You can conceal the details of an event in the message the recipients get after solving the puzzle
  • You can create your very own puzzle to match your demands
  • You can use WHOSENT.ME cards to target valued customers
  • You can use WHOSENT.ME as an exhibition booth giveaway
  • You can use WHOSENT.ME as the opening activity at a convention by guiding the participants to their allocated seats via the message they receive upon solving the puzzle


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